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  Gannon University Admissions Enrollment Deposit

Enrollment Deposit for Undergraduate Admissions
Your enrollment deposit guarantees your space in your academic program and will be credited toward tuition your first semester. Your deposit also guarantees your space in University housing if you will be residing on campus.
Room assignments and placement in programs are made according to the date we receive the deposit.
*The required enrollment deposit amount is $100, with the exception of students in the Five-Year Physician Assistant Program
  and LECOM partnership programs, who are required to pay a $300 deposit
Your deposit represents a firm decision to attend Gannon. While there is no deadline to submit the deposit, students are encouraged to deposit as soon as possible. Deposits are nonrefundable after May 1 unless you are on a wait list.
NOTE: If you are paying your enrollment deposit to be placed on a wait list, please know that payment will be processed by our Cashiers Office. This process does not signify a seat in the academic program associated with the wait list, however, please know that the enrollment deposit is completely refundable should an official seat in the desired program not be offered before or after June 1.
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